Mystical Stones of Love

Properties of mystical stones

Many believe in mystical stones, and their power in matters of the heart.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or you’ve been together for decades – the traditional and metaphysical properties of gemstones mean there is something to act as a catalyst whether you are mending a broken heart, looking for love or just wanting to reaffirm your feelings for your soulmate.

Set in Stone: Long-term relationships

Tradition credits several stones with qualities that could benefit a couple already in a solid, long-term relationship. Aquamarine, which according to legend was originally found in mermaids’ treasure chests, is said to strengthen bonds between partners who have been together for a considerable length of time. For couples who feel the time is right to start – or add to – their family, there is carnelian. The more orange-red shades of this versatile stone are said to enhance passion, love and desire, while orange tones are linked to conceiving children.

Stepping Stones: New love

If you are lucky enough to be experiencing the romance and passion of a new relationship, there are many stones which can help bring fledgling romances to fruition. Malachite rebalances the heart chakra, giving emotional stability – something often sorely missing in the excitement of a new romance. We also suggest ruby which encourages romantic love, and rhodochrosite to strengthen ties. Carnelian makes a lovely gift in new relationships too, with pale scarlet variations being seen as a symbol of dedication in young relationships.

Rocky Relationships: Getting back on track

As much as we hope your lovelife is faultless, many stones have attributes that can help get a rocky relationship back on track. Ancient Egyptians often wore carnelian to alleviate jealousy and possessiveness, and amber is rumoured to cleanse the heart, stimulating unconditional love. During Victorian times, garnet was worn as the ‘stone of fidelity’, while in Greek mythology it was known to heal rifts between lovers. Agate is also good all-rounder for relationship problems: if you need to apologise to your partner, rose agate aids forgiveness while moss agate can rekindle former sparks.

Searching for Your Rock: Single or unlucky?

Don’t worry if you’re not having much luck with Cupid either – we are here to help. If you’re getting over a romance that didn’t quite work out, you could find that iolite or rose quartz restores your perspective and heals emotional wounds. If you feel jinxed in love, iolite also strengthens the link between heart and mind, keeping you away from mistakes you may have made in the past.

For those looking for love, rose quartz, agate and rhodochrosite are all known mystical stones, said to help attract new suitors – supposedly most effective when worn at night or close to the heart! Remember, these rules apply to both sexes too – if you’re a male who would love to meet the right person, try wearing a pair of rose quartz cufflinks for an evening out.

We hope that, whatever your romantic situation, you can find the perfect piece of jewellery this Valentine’s.  Jewellery featuring all of the mystical stones mentioned in this blog are available in store, and many at too!

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