Not just any Reward Scheme, the Amulet Reward Scheme

Amulet Jewellery Reward Scheme

(We challenge you to find a reward scheme which gives you more…)

With the snowy weather upon us, we here at Amulet thought it was rightly time that you should know all about our marvellous Reward Scheme, just to give you that extra little reason to pop in and see us. While many of you will already have purses and wallets overflowing with innumerable reward cards and may indeed shudder at the thought of another evening puzzling over a score of ‘points’, we have a Reward Scheme unlike any other ready and waiting for you.

On the basis of it, the Reward Scheme very simply offers you one stamp on every purchase over £50. After five stamps, you gain £25 off your next purchase with us. Once you’ve chalked up your next five stamps, we are proud to say that you are then eligible for 20% off your next purchase – something that could come in very handy for that favourite piece you’ve had your eye on…

But, with the Amulet Reward Scheme, you’ve also hired yourself a personal shopper. Once you’ve signed up, we have a record of all your purchases with us allowing us to build up a portfolio of your taste and style. This invaluable as we are able source new pieces to complement jewellery you’ve already purchased or track down that elusive matching item. This is also great if somebody is looking for a gift for you and we can advise them on collections that suit your style, all the while side-stepping pieces you already have. We’d even have your ring size on file which takes the stress out of ring shopping for them, or if you’ve seen a treat for yourself on our website, you can place an order without having to come in to try them all for size.

With the Amulet Reward Scheme, you now have an aide-mémoire. If you’re struggling to remember what you choose for that distant Great Aunt last year, we can check for you in a mere few clicks. Or if that special someone is here again shopping for you, and thinking ‘I can see this on her’, we make sure that’s not because it’s already in your wardrobe.

With the Amulet Reward Scheme, you’ve got yourself a diary reminder. When you sign up you can give us as much or as little information as you wish, but the option is there for you to tell us all your special dates – your partner’s birthday or your anniversary. We’ll then text you a week in advance of these to make sure it doesn’t slip your mind and still give you plenty of time to nip in and find the perfect gift. You may even qualify for an extra saving..

With the Amulet Reward Scheme, you’re now a VIP shopper. From time to time we have exclusive evening events, for instance talks from our designers such as Alex Monroe and Chris Lewis. And you’ll be the first to hear about this and be top of the guest list…

And if you’re ever in need of a little inspiration, the distinctive blue card itself has all the traditional birthstones detailed on the back. But finally, and in this weather possibly most importantly, if you accidentally leave your warm winter gloves on the counter, we’ll have your mobile number and be able to call you in a flash!

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