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Raven Threadthrough Earrings


Silver Nanook Claw Studs

Dainty yet tough, these oxidized sterling silver studs are part of the Nanook collection from Aurum, inspired by the …


Cygnus gold studs


Gold Infinity Studs


Shaped Square Stud in Gold


Trigold Layered Oval Stud


Diamond & Ruby Studs

 Simple ruby studs topped with a diamond


Faceted Gold Studs


Eternity Silver Studs


Eternity Yellow Gold Earrings


Night and Day Gold Studs


Night and Day Silver Studs


Curl Inside Yellow Gold Earring


Curl Inside Silver Ear Piece


Crystal Cities Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Rose Gold & Apatite Earrings 18ct rosegold plated onto silver


Gold Round Flat Studs


Gold Bar Studs


Emerald & Diamond Studs


Sapphire & Gold Studs


Diamond Pave Studs

 Subtle diamond studs..... perfect for every occasion


Orla Kiely Gold Bee Stud Earrings

Tiny 14ct gold-plated bee studs in Orla's graphic design, with a golden Swarowski crystal head. A matching ri…


Paisley Silver Studs


Ana Verdun Gumnut Pod Astrid Studs

Astrid studs, by Ana Verdun, are bold, eye-catching and satisfyingly weighty.  In tactile textured sterling silv…

£140.00 £70.00

Chris Lewis Triple Ivy Silver Studs

The Triple Ivy, leaf-inspired studs, designed by Chris Lewis in sterling silver, are fun and interesting.  Compr…

£94.00 £70.50

Rose Gold Heart Studs

Must-have rose gold vermeil heart studs from Chavin, measuring 0.5" across.  Ideal day-to-day wear, suitabl…


Rose Gold Leaf Small Drop Earrings

Delicate, tinkling rose gold vermeil on sterling silver studs from Chavin, which catch the light beautifully and shim…


Chavin Rose Gold Star Ruby Studs

Stunning and fun rose gold vermeil on silver, star-shaped studs from Chavin, featuring a ruby twinkling at the centre…


Chavin Rose Gold Double Star Studs

From Chavin's spiritual "Celestial" collection, these glistening double star stud earrings are made in …


Chavin Silver Double Star Studs

From Chavin's spiritual "Celestial" collection, these glistening double star stud earrings are made in …


Orla Kiely Gold Rabbit Studs

Gold rabbit studs by Orla Kiely, in sterling silver, plated with polished 14ct gold.  These studs measure 8mm ac…


Orla Kiely Silver Owl Studs

Beady-eyed owl studs in polished sterling silver, designed by Orla Kiely.  These wise birds have large pink Swar…


Kimberley Selwood Aphrodite Heart Pearl Earrings

From "New Designers Award"-winning Jersey Pearl designer Kimberley Selwood, these classic pearl earrings co…


Emma Kate Francis Rose Gold Studs

These subtle, vintage-style studs from Jersey Pearl designer Emma-Kate Francis, in sterling silver, plated with a sty…


Silver Cygnus Studs

These interesting and dainty silver studs are sure to start conversations, and are ideal for evening- or day-wear. &n…


Lax Silver Studs

Inspired by the beauty of Icelandic nature, these delicate, polished sterling silver studs represent the tail fin of …


Nanook Silver Studs

These eye-catching, interesting studs, in rustic, polished sterling silver, represent the beautiful eyes and lashes o…


Silver Swan Studs

These stunning, dainty silver studs, from the Aurum Swan collection, are inspired by the broad, majestic wings of thi…


Chris Lewis Jagged Heart Silver Studs

These reticulated, flat heart studs by Chris Lewis, in sterling silver, feature an intriguing jagged style and finish…


Chris Lewis Small Silver Heart Studs

Chris Lewis has created the tiniest of handmade, highly polished heart studs in sterling silver, measuring 7mm by 6mm…


Chris Lewis Silver Hammered Heart Studs

Beautifully handmade sterling silver hammered heart studs by Chris Lewis, which are perfectly suited to every style o…


Chris Lewis Seedpod Silver Studs

These slightly hammered flat studs in sterling silver are from Chris Lewis's Seedpod Collection.  Timid yet …


Chris Lewis Silver Pebble Studs

Enticing and interesting sterling silver studs from the Chris Lewis Pebbles range. These irregularly shaped, flat…


Chris Lewis Silver Star Studs

Intriguing and eye-catching, these handmade, sterling silver star studs by Chris Lewis, feature an organic finish des…


Jagged Leaf Double Silver Studs


Jersey Pearl Dune Studs in Rose Gold

8mm diameter rose gold vermeil disc studs, inlaid with iridescent mother of pearl, from the Dune collection by Jersey…


Jersey Pearl Dune Studs in Silver

8mm diameter sterling silver disc studs, inlaid with iridescent mother of pearl, from the Dune collection by Jersey P…


Chris Lewis Silver Cinnamon Studs Long

These stunning silver studs by Chris Lewis are beautifully textured and highly unique.  Designed to perfectly co…


Jersey Pearl Alice Stud Earrings

Simple and classic, the Jersey Pearl Alice studs each feature a solitary 5mm button pearl, mounted in a sterling silv…


Jersey Pearl 9-10mm Button Studs

Classic 10mm solitaire pearl studs from Jersey Pearl, with a superb quality lustre, on sterling silver posts. Gua…


Diamond & Blue Sapphire Studs


Ortak Delta Silver Enamel Studs

Quirky and fun, yet elegant and stylish, Ortak Delta studs are suitable for day and eveningwear - they are ideal for …


Ortak Firefly Enamel Silver Studs

Firefly studs, by Ortak, are simple yet eye-catching circles measuring 10mm in diameter.  In sterling silver wit…


Ortak Arizona Silver Studs

These subtle Ortak studs, measuring just 8mm in diameter, are a quirky, fun, yet elegant piece from the Arizona colle…


Ortak Arizona Silver Enamel Studs

These subtle Ortak studs, measuring just 9mm in diameter, are a quirky, fun piece from the Arizona collection. In…


Chris Lewis Silver Plectrum Stud Earrings

These simple, triangular shaped plectrum studs, by Chris Lewis, are a versatile addition to your jewellery collection…


Oak "My Heart's A Flutter" Silver Studs

Pretty and subtle, "My Heart's Aflutter" sterling silver studs from Oak Jewellery feature simple, 7mm, …


Oak "Swept Away" Gold Leaf Stud

"Swept Away" studs, from Oak Jewellery, are a delicate and endearing oak leaf design, 10mm in height. I…


Ana Verdun Mini Flower Studs

The Delphine Mini Flower Studs from Ana Verdun are very popular, and ideal for both daily use and eveningwear.  …


Snowflake Sparkly Studs


Shimmering Butterfly Stud


Central Sparkle Silver Studs


Open Circle Sparkly Studs


Diamond & White Topaz Studs


Emerald & Diamond Studs


Black & White Diamond Twirl Studs

 Black and white diamonds in these curvy 9 carat white gold studs


White Gold Diamond Pave Circle Studs

 A classic circular design of diamonds


Amethyst & White Topaz Studs

 Amethyst & white topaz in these lovely petite studs


Diamond Spiral Hearts in White Gold

 Spiral hearts encasing a central diamond


Peridot & Diamond White Gold Studs

 A  gorgeous pair of peridot & diamond white gold studs


Central Sparkle Silver Studs


Large Flower Sparkle Studs


Heart Studs


Sparkle Drop Earrings


Teardrop Sparkle Drop Earrings


Super Sparkle Studs


Spiral Stud Earrings


Butterfly Stud Earrings


Ortak Harlequin Opal Silver Studs

The Harlequin studs from Ortak are stylish and versatile.  They feature a gradual-edged circle design in highly …


Oak "My Heart's A Flutter" Rose Gold Studs

Pretty and subtle, "My Heart's Aflutter" rose gold vermeil studs from Oak Jewellery feature simple, 7mm…


Oak "Swept Away" Silver Leaf Stud

"Swept Away" studs, from Oak Jewellery, are a delicate and endearing oak leaf design, 10mm in height. I…


Oak "Swept Away" Rose Gold Leaf Stud

"Swept Away" studs, from Oak Jewellery, are a delicate and endearing oak leaf design, 10mm in height. I…


Oak "Star Flower" Silver Studs

"Star Flower" studs from Oak Jewellery are a simple yet striking 8-point cut-out star design.  In ster…


"Little Dreamer" Silver Studs by Oak

Delicate yet eye-catching, Oak "Little Dreamer" studs are perfect for formal or eveningwear, in highly poli…


Ortak Hummingbird Enamel Silver Studs

Hummingbird studs, by Ortak, are a charming, very popular choice.  In polished sterling silver, this most simple…


Chris Lewis Pentagon 3-Piece Stud Earrings

From the Pentagon collection by Amulet favourite Chris Lewis, these attractive and stylish stud earrings feature a ca…


9ct Yellow Gold Curved Bar Earrings

These very on trend earrings have two curved gold bars, in satin and polished finishes. One sits in front of the ear;…


Front-Back Ear Cuff


Graduated Ear Bar with Five Aqua Stones

Five graduated aqua stones, which gracefully curve around the contour of your ear.   Stylishly set in surgic…


Triple Clear Stones Surgical Steel Ear Bar

This surgical steel ear bar features three clear sparkling cubic zirconia.  Pretty and feminine, it sits comfort…


Three Stone Ear Bar - Northern Lights

Three light-catching stones, in subtle rainbow colours reminiscent of the Northern Lights, are set in surgical steel …


Aqua Stones Surgical Steel Ear Bar

This delicate ear bar features three aqua stones set in surgical steel, to be worn intriguingly in the contour of you…


Three Strip Silver Ear Cuff

This sterling silver ear cuff is bound to draw the attention of those around you.  It features a simple three st…


Sterling Silver Leaf Design Ear Cuff

An interesting and intriguing piece of ear jewellery, which is sure to start a conversation, this sterling silver ear…


Plain Silver 3mm Ball Studs


Silver Plain 4mm Ball Studs