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Ortak Earrings

Ortak Delta Silver Enamel Studs

Quirky and fun, yet elegant and stylish, Ortak Delta studs are suitable for day and eveningwear - they are ideal for …


Ortak Mirage Enamel Silver Drop Earrings

Ortak Mirage are eye-catching and bold statement drop earrings, ideal for use with adventurous eveningwear. In po…


Ortak Firefly Enamel Silver Studs

Firefly studs, by Ortak, are simple yet eye-catching circles measuring 10mm in diameter.  In sterling silver wit…


Ortak Arizona Silver Studs

These subtle Ortak studs, measuring just 8mm in diameter, are a quirky, fun, yet elegant piece from the Arizona colle…


Ortak Arizona Silver Enamel Studs

These subtle Ortak studs, measuring just 9mm in diameter, are a quirky, fun piece from the Arizona collection. In…


Ortak Harlequin Opal Silver Studs

The Harlequin studs from Ortak are stylish and versatile.  They feature a gradual-edged circle design in highly …


Ortak Cedar Enamel Silver Earrings

Enamelled earrings by Ortak. In a pink to purple shade of Verona


Ortak Hummingbird Enamel Silver Studs

Hummingbird studs, by Ortak, are a charming, very popular choice.  In polished sterling silver, this most simple…