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Nanook Collection

Nanook Ice Thread Earrings by Aurum

The Nanook collection by Aurum is inspired by the majestic polar bears of Greenland, and the beautiful environment in…


Nanook Necklace

A big, bold, statement necklace from the Nanook collection by Aurum. Inspired by the beautiful big eyes of the polar …


Silver Nanook Claw Studs

Dainty yet tough, these oxidized sterling silver studs are part of the Nanook collection from Aurum, inspired by the …


Nanook Ice Ring

A contemporary and intriguingly rustic, oxidized silver ring, from the Nanook Ice collection by Aurum.   Ins…


Nanook Silver Studs

These eye-catching, interesting studs, in rustic, polished sterling silver, represent the beautiful eyes and lashes o…


Nanook Claw Pendant

From the Nanook collection by Aurum, this highly oxidized silver pendant is inspired by the strong and deadly claws o…


Silver Nanook Ice Necklace

Beautiful, bold and interesting, this eye-catching statement necklace is sure to gather attention and admiration - it…


Silver Nanook Ring

A simple, attractive, sterling silver ring, with a design inspired by the eye of the beautiful Greenland polar bear. …