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Men's Jewellery Amulet

When you type “men’s jewellery” into a search engine, you will find that the majority of results fit into one of two categories. Half are articles or blog posts, attributing the historical reasons for men adorning themselves with precious metals and stones to as a display of wealth, power or status, dating back to Ancient Egyptian or Viking times. The others are e-commerce websites focusing on watches or cufflinks – items that are considered the acceptable or safe option when it comes to men’s jewellery.

At Amulet we have always steered away from classifying jewellery as limited either to the ‘male’ or ‘female’ market. This isn’t just because choosing jewellery is such a personal issue, and isn’t just linked to taste and personality. It’s also down to how each individual piece sits on the wearer – this is one reason why we actively encourage customers who visit our store to try on prospective purchases before buying. Over the years there have been many occasions when I have felt initially surprised by customers’ choice of jewellery, but then understood their point of view completely upon seeing that customer wear the item. That chain bracelet, chunky ring or simple pendant has definitely ‘come home’.

For years we have stocked many styles of jewellery which would look great on a male wearer, but for one reason or another (mainly lack of space in our little shop!), stones and more feminine bits of frippery have ended up taking centre stage. Now, with only a few days remaining until Fathers Day, we have produced some more male-orientated displays in our store, and we have already noticed some interesting results: men who claim they wouldn’t usually consider wearing a piece of silver jewellery, are actually trying on bracelets or neck chains and, furthermore, are actually liking what they see!  Men’s jewellery is on the up.

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